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Update: 9/5/2019

Tiamaranta eye:

-Adjusted AP relics on all Tiamaranta eye boxes

Gold boxes:

Kinah: 15000000

Mithril: 5

The Hexway (Golden treasure box drops changes)

Kinah: 25000000

Mithril Medal: 5

Update: 6/5/2019

The Hexway

-Mithrils drops reduced to 3 mithrils with 100% chance from golden boxes

Miren, Kysis, Krotan

-Ap drops reduced

-Kinah now drops 750,000 from each box


-Tiamaranta siege now drops L130 enchantment stone instead of Beer Lootbox

Beer changes:

-Kinah drop: Min: 1000000 Max: 50000000

-Mithril Medal Box: Min: 5 Max: 10

-Enchantment Stones Box: L120, L130, L140 Min: 1 Max: 2

Beer changes:

-Expiration should be removed now; enjoy your unlimited scrolls!

-Hexway scroll is removed, it won't drop anymore! (as I was unable to fix it), And for whoever had the scroll already, got 1 beer refunded for each scroll

-Wings Of Circle 1: Is removed from beer

Tiamaranta eye:

-Assault leaders now drop: 1000000 Raw Kinah

-Green Boxes now drops: 100000 Raw Kinah

-Blue Boxes now drops: 500000 Raw Kinah

-Niksi now drops: 1000000 Raw Kinh (Each Group member)

-Zumi now drops: 2000000 Raw Kinah (Each Group member)

-Dabra now drops: 5000000 Raw Kinah (Each Group member)

-Gold boxes a mithril medal, and 3000000 Raw Kinah

Ap & Rates:

-Ap rates from //relics command have been dropped to RAW rates (1x)

-More relics will be dropped from Tia eye chests

-EXP rates are reduced to 2.5x


-Our Support page is now back to being functional! Visit Support page